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1.    (Nobody/AnybodySomebody)  could help us unfortunately.

2. I don´t want    (nothing/something/anything) to do with him.

3. I don´t have    (something/anything/nothing) to do today.

4. She looks     (nothing/anything) like her sister.

5.    (Anybody/Somebody/Nobody)  must know the answer.

6. Absolutely    (anybody/nobody/somebody)  came to the meeting.

7. There is    (anywhere/somewhere/nowhere)  to go in this boring town.

8.   (Nothing/Something/Anything)  matters to him since his wife died.

9. Was  there   (anybody/somebody/nobody)  interesting at the party?

10. There´s   (somebody/anybody/nobody)  at the door. Can you answer it?

11. There´s     (nothing/anything/something)  we can do about it I´m afraid.

12. Please don´t tell them      (nothing/anything/something)  about it.

13. I´ll drive you      (nowhere/anywhere/somewhere)  you want to go.

14. There´s absolutely   (somewhere/anywhere/nowhere) I´d rather be.

15. There´s absolutely    (somebody/anybody/nobody)  I´d rather be with.

16. There´s absolutely   (nothing/something/anything) I´d rather be doing.

17. I don't think I could have done      (nothing/anything/something)  else.

18. I think he lives      (nowhere/somewhere/anywhere)  around here.

19. They never tell me      (nothing/anything/something).

20. My daughter is out      (nowhere/anywhere/somewhere) with her friends.

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