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Test your knowledge of subject and object pronouns:

© 2013 Paul-Gerhard Woolcock

Pronouns Test

Choose the option you think is correct

1.   I know Peter very well  =  I know     very well.

2.   I know Paula very well  =  I know    very well.

3.   Peter and Paula are my friends  =    are my friends.  

4.   I know Peter and Paula very well  =  I know    very well.

5.   Does this shop open on Saturdays?  Does     open on Saturdays?

6.  Do these shops open on Saturdays?  =  Do      open on Saturdays?

7.   I see Peter and Paula at the weekends  =  I see      at the weekends.

8.  David often visits his parents  =  David often visits    .

9.   Peter knows me very well. He also knows my wife.  He knows    .

10. I know Peter and my wife knows Peter.  =    know Peter.

11. I don´t like your new shoes  =  I don´t like   . 

12. They don´t work with Peter and me  =  They don´t work with    .

13. Peter´s car is very fast  =    is very fast.

14. Give the books to me  =  Give     to me.

15. Give the books to Jane and Peter  =  Give  the books to  .

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