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Learn about the language of trends

  • Which of the following verbs describe an upward movement?

    Sales plummeted because of the bad weather.

    We have had to increase our prices by 5% .

    Demand for our product has levelled off at about 25,000 units a month.

    Sales soared when we introduced the new models.

  • Which of the following words describe a downward movement?

    The market bottomed out in January.

    New car sales recorded a 3% drop in May..

    The decline in stock market activity is due to the holiday period.

    We expect a hike in interest rates before the end of the year.

  • The verb to bottom out describes the lowest point. Which of these verbs is its opposite?

    The currency collapsed as a result of speculation.

    The Bank raised rates because of inflationary pressures in the economy.

    Our market share peaked at 23% and has been falling ever since.

    Exports are rising as the currency is so weak.

  • Which of these verbs mean to raise?

    to bump up.

    to stabilise.

    to reduce.

    to boost.

  • TENSES : Which of these sentences are correct or incorrect, and why?

    Turnover has fallen by 3% this year.

    Turnover has fallen by 5% last year.

    Prices have fallen since 2001.

    How many units have we sold this year?.

    We have been selling into China for years.

  • Which is correct a or b?

    a) How long have you known the Finance Manager? b) How long do you know the Finance Manager?

    a) When did you first break into the american market? b)When have you first broken into the american market?.

    a) How long has the share price been falling? b) How long has the share price fallen?

    a) How much have we spent so far? b) How much have we been spending so far?

    Using the verbs in brackets rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning.

    Sales have been falling for some time now as a result of our main competitor's strong pricing policy.(to cause)

    Agricultural prices have risen due to the bad weather. (to lead to)

    Low demand this quarter was due to obsolete products. (to cause)

    Because of productivity gains we were able to cut the price. (to bring about)

  • Verb + Preposition. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the correct preposition.

    Interest rates have fallen ___ 2%, finishing the year ___ 3%.

    This year rates have fallen ___ 5% ___ 3%.

    Sales bottomed out ___ 5000 units in May.

    Sales peaked in October ___ 8,500 units.

  • Noun + Preposition. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

    The bad trade figures led to a fall ___ 2.1% ___ the New York Stock Exchange .

    The recent fall ___ unemployment ___ 7.5% is probably just seasonal .

    The slump ___ sales from their September peak ___ $500,000 is due to the general economic slowdown.

    Our Return on Capital Employed reached a peak ___ 19% in 2000, and has been falling ever since.

  • Put the correct word in the gaps.

    Owing ___ the worsening market situation we have had to lay ___ 200 workers ___ the last six months.

    The price rise is largely as a ____ of the recent hike ___ oil prices.

    The company may start taking people ___ again when thinks pick ___.

    The recent recovery ___ stock prices has been mostly caused ___ good interim results from a few major companies.