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1.     (When/Where)  do you live?

2.     (Who/What)  is that man?  That´s Mr Smith.

3.     (When/Why)  do you normally start work?

4.     (Who/What)  is Mr Smith´s job?

5.      (Which/Who) do you think is the best  teacher?

6.     (Which/Who) do you think is the best book?

7.     (Why/Where) does she study English?  Because she needs it for her job.

8.     (Why/Where) does she study English?  At the London English school.

9.     (Who/Whose) is that book?  I think it´s John´s.

10.   (Where/Whose) is my pen?  It´s on the table.

11.   (How/What) are you?   Fine thanks.

12.   (When/Where) is the school?  It´s in the town centre.

13.   (Who/Whose) is Mr Smith?  He´s my English teacher.

14.   (Where/How) is your wife today?   She´s very well thank you.

15.   (How/Where) is your wife today?   She´s at her mother´s.

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