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Instructions: Click on the answer you think is correct..

1. I get on well with John. means...
I know him really well
I have a good relationship with him.
I work with him
I dislike him

2. Shes getting over the flu. means...
Shes recovering from the flu.
Shes just caught the flu
Her flu is getting worse.
Shes prone to catching the flu

3. Peter can get by in French. means...
He speaks no French whatsoever
Hes trying to learn French
He speaks excellent French.
He speaks just enough French to be able to function in simple social situations.

4. I must get in touch with John. means...
I must ask him round for dinner
I must ask how he is.
I must contact him by phone, e-mail, fax or letter.
I must offer him my help.

5. When does Janes flight get in? means...
When does it depart?
When does it arrive?
When does it take off?
When does it leave?

6. "This is where I get off. means...
This is where I catch the bus.
This is where I have to enter the bus.
This is the bus I always take.
This is where I have to leave the bus.

7. "I really must get round to writing that report. means...
I must proofread that report.
I must find the time to write it and finish it.
I must decide when Im going to write it.
I must start that report.

8. OK. Lets get down to business means...
Lets finish for today
Lets start to wind the meeting up.
Lets make a start
Lets open a business

9. I hope to get back by Mondaymeans...
I hope to be here until Monday
I hope to start by Monday
I hope to have left by Monday
I hope to return by Monday at the latest

10. I dont know how he gets by on that salary of his. means...
I dont understand how anyone can earn so much.
I dont understand how he can survive financially on his salary.
I dont understand how anyone can earn so little.
I dont understand how he manages to spend all his salary so quickly.