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Instructions: Click on the answer you think is correct..

1. Peter and Jane ___________ for ten years.
have been being married
have been married
are being married
are married

2. I ____________ my car since 1999.
have had
am having
have got

3. Listen! __________
Does the phone ring?
Has the phone been ringing?
Rings the phone?
Is that the phone ringing?

4. I'm afraid they __________ ten minutes ago. You've just missed them.
have left
did leave
were leaving

5. I'm afraid they __________ to buy a newspaper. But they should be back soon if you don't mind waiting.
just went out
have just gone out
just did go out
were just going out

6. You really __________ buy me a leaving present. But it was very nice of you.
didn't have to

7. I wish I __________ a foreign language when I was a child.
had learned
would learn
would have learned

8. When your plane __________ , give me a call and I'll come and pick you up.
is getting in
will get in
gets in
will be getting in

9. I'm sorry I'm late. I hope you __________ long.
haven't waited
aren't waiting
didn't wait
haven't been waiting

10. What __________ this evening?
do you do
are you doing
will you do
are you making