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Instructions: Click on the answer you think is correct..

1. If we buy ___________ it'll be cheaper. (a granel / em grandes quantidades)
in bulk
in grain
in big
in large

2. We buy more ____________ than raw materials. (produtos acabados)
terminated goods
over products
finished goods
goods finished

3. Make sure the __________ is in order! (conhecimento de Embarque)
proof of purchase
tax invoice
bill of lading

4. There shouldn't be any problem with these materials __________ . (passar pela alfndega)
entering customs
getting customs
clearing customs
passing customs

5. What does CIF stand for? It stands for __________ . (Custo, Seguro e Frete)
Cost, Investment and Freight
Cost, Insurance and Freight
Cancellation, Insurance and Freight
Cost, Impediment and Freight

6. The goods will be stored in a __________ . (Armazm Alfandegrio)
bonded factory
bonded warehouse
official warehouse
local warehouse

7. The total weight of the goods plus packaging used is the __________ . (peso bruto)
net weight
gross weight
brute weight
heavy weight

8. We stll have a large __________ of orders. (pedidos em aberto))

9. These __________ seem rather high to me. (taxa(s) de manuseio)
maintenance costs
costs of handling
hand costs
handling charges

10. LIFO (a stock rotation method) stands for __________ . (Ultima entrada primeira sada - UEPS)
Last in, first off
Last in, first out
Last inside, first off
Last in, first outside

11. FTL stands for __________ . (carga completa)
First truck load
Full truck load
Full truck lift
Full truck lump

12. CIP stands for __________ . (Transporte e Seguro Pagos at...)
Charge and insurance paid to ...
Cost and importation paid to ...
Carriage and investment paid to ...
Carriage and insurance paid to ...

13. The shipper has to prepare a __________ . (Conhecimento de Carga)
consignment note
load note
load knowledge
indication load

14. The Bill of Lading is especially important in the event of a(n) __________ . (reivindicao de seguro)
insurance policy
insurance claim
revindication of insurance
secure claim

15. We really need to make some improvements to our __________ . (Gerenciamento da Cadeia de Suprimentos)
management of supplies
supply chain management
chain of supply management
management supply chain