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Instructions: Click on the answer you think is correct..

1. Although we can't be sure she's going to take the job, ___________ I think there's a good chance. (lendo nas entrelinhas)
reading under the lines
reading between the lines
reading in the between lines
reading on the lines

2. I can't see any real chance of breaking even ____________ . (no curto prazo)
at the short-term
on the short-term
in the short-term
by the short-term

3. The way the negotiations are going, there's little chance of finding a __________ . (meio-termo)
half way
medium way

4. Sales peaked in 2011 and have been falling ever since = Sales __________ in 2011 and have been falling ever since.
did a peak
made a peak
hit a peak
got a peak

5. We're going to have to __________ . (parcelar)
pay it off in parcels
pay it off in installments
pay it in parcels
pay it away in installments

6. Who's going to pay for all this? = Who's going to __________ for all this?
pay the balance
pay the cost
foot the cost
foot the bill

7. I think the company is now definitely __________ . (estar no caminho certo)
in the right track
on the right track
on the right way
on the certain way

8. The company is finally being __________ properly. (dirigir empresa)

9. We can't completely exclude the possibility = We can't completely __________ the possibility.
write off
put out
rule out

10. We simply can't __________ on materials. (economizar / poupar, talvez excessivamente)
reduce corners
cut corners
decrease corners
save corners