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1.   (Do/Does) you speak English?

2. When    (do/does) David usually start work.

3.   (Do/Does) they always work on Saturdays?

4.   (Do/Does) he know that I don´t speakFrench?

5. She     (don't/doesn't) know how to speak French either.

6. How often    (do/does) you go to the cinema?

7. How often   (do/does) you travel to work?

8. Why    (don´t/doesn´t) we have a barbecue thisweekend?

9. How long    (do/does) the journey usually take?

10. Most people    (don't/doesn't) like getting up early.

11. My sister    (don't/doesn't) like getting up early for work.

12. We    (don't/doesn't) often have time to go out in the evenings.

13. I    (don't/doesn't) like shopping very much.

14. When   (do/does) you usually finish work?

15.   (Do/Does) this shop open on Saturdays?

16.   (Do/Does) these shops open on Saturdays?

17. I    (don't/doesn't) have time for a beer after work today.

18. My wife    (don't/doesn't) like cats. That´s why we have a dog.

19. What   (do/does) this word mean?

20. How   (do/does) you say this word in English?


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