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Which is the correct verb?

Fill in the gaps with the correct verb from the following list:
forget » make(2) » sort » leave » give » do » arrange » work » look

Make all necessary changes to the verbs. The verb "make" is used twice.
  1. Could you ---------- me a hand with this report, please?
  2. I have ---------- my cell phone.
  3. I ---------- my cell phone at home yesterday.
  4. Peter is ---------- on a new project at the moment.
  5. Jane is really ---------- forward to her holidays.
  6. David has to ---------- a sales presentation this afternoon.
  7. We really need to ---------- out the staffing problem.
  8. WeŽre ---------- a lot of business with Argentina at the moment.
  9. IŽd like to ---------- a meeting for this afternoon.
  10. Can I ---------- an appointment for tomorrow at 3.30?

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