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1. It looks    (as/like/as if) it´s going to rain

2. Your car is just    (like/as) the one I´m planning to buy.

3. It looks    (as/like) rain.

4. She looks just    (like/as) her sister.

5.    (As/Like)  you know,  John is going to be the new Sales Manager.

6.   (As/Like)  he is new to the job he will need your help.

7. This food looks really    (as/like/---)  good.

8.   (Like/As)  me,  my wife doesn´t like getting up early.

9. He talks    (as/like)  an accountant, but has no formal training.

10.   (Like/As)  most young people she likes going to parties.

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